Task Management System

Innoventus has specially designed work desk for managing the task of your organization efficiently and effectively. It lets you add task for others and yourself so that the performance could be tracked in every phase and this will foster the productivity of the organization.

Why Task Management System?


Here you can assign task to a particular individual, also you can assign task to yourself by selecting priority. You can also add company, department ,designation and the user.

Task activity timeline

You can also track the activities those are happening on the particular task through task activity timeline.

Real Time buzzer

It consists of real-time buzzer which alerts the user and you can know the status of the work in real-time.

Notes and Meetings

Another option we have in work desk is Notes and Meetings, in this you can create note for yourself or others. Meeting option is used to schedule a meeting and here you can add participants as well as moderators.


Chat option can be used to chat with each other within the organization.


In the people section who can view the list of users along with company, designation, department details.